It's All Fun 'N Games Birthday Party

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B S. We are just thrilled beyond measure! Hee hee!
deserthopedesigns Hey
deserthopedesigns Awesome! More details to come later. I had to quickly get these invites out.
deserthopedesigns Don't know who wrote this and if I replied to you already but it is a board game night- 2 board games, men and women are invited and more details to come soon, I just had to invite 7 people quickly in order to be chosen to host. I thought the invite would explain, not sure what it said?
Erin M. Hey Eileen, Is this just a fun game night? The title probably says it all, but I just wanted to find out a little more. :)
Erin M. Hey Eileen,
nina W. I might bring a friend. Can't wait. Can use some fun and games!

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This event has ended. Be sure to check out other events going on now.
Party day
October 15, 2011