Spring Into Brunch House Party

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Letty F. 1# ground round 2 cups Salsa(hot,medium or mild) 1 half # Velveeta 1 packet Taco seasoning 1 32oz package Six Cheese Tortellini Cook tortellini as directed on package. Set aside. Brown beef in skillet, drain well. Add seasoning and mix well ,pour in salsa, add velveeta. Heat until cheese has melted on med heat. Add meat sause to tortellinis and serve. Enjoy
Letty F. OOOOOOOH so much fun we all had today cooking and brewing Mixing and tasting!!!!!!!
Letty F. OMGoodness the party is tomarrow and some many are coming and every one is ready for spring....Party Party!!!! 2:00pm @ my house! Can't wait to see you all.

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VELVEETA is a Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product

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March 20, 2010