TNT Trust Me House Party

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Lacci O. Okay so since I talked to you yesterday I have told even more people. The girl from work wants to bring her sister. Do you have room for another?
Lorra O. Lanna I hope this party is as much fun as the last one. I totally had the best time at your last party. Plus I went away with so many prizes. Plus I get TNT so it looks like I will be having another show to watch. The last house party got me watching Lipstick Jungle. The house parties work. We also are addicted to the Orville salt & cracked black pepper popcorn!!! See you at the party.
Lacci O. This will be the second House Party I have been to. I went to one for Lipstick Jungle too and got totally addicted to the show. I told all the girls at work about it too.
lanna.freestone Susan I am so glad your coming again. Hopefully Kathy can come again too. If she is not to busy after her retirement!!
Susan w. Hey, I am always up for some fun! See you there!
Lissa N. Can't wait for another party!!!
lanna.freestone Will from Will & Grace is in this!!! I can't wait.

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Jan 16 — Jan 18, 2009