Party favors

  • ULWelcome Sign – Green

    Print out this sign to welcome your guests to your party!

  • UL Welcome Sign – Blue

    Print out this sign to welcome your guests to your party!

  • UL Logo

    Decorate your party space with the Underwriters Laboratories logo to give your home a signature look for your party!

  • Green Entertaining Tips

    Tips for making your party a "green" experience!

  • Good-For-You Recipes

    Here are some tasty and healthy recipe ideas for your event. Make sure you let your guests know to visit the Party Favor page so they can bring a dish to your party.

  • Green Activities - Fun With the Kids

    Check out these activities to do with your kids. You can to continue make your family green, healthier and safe!

  • Who is UL?

    Learn more about UL and how we keep your home safer for your loved ones!

  • Greenwashed

    Share this fact sheet with your party guests; it include helpful tips to ensure that you are not "greenwashed".

  • Green Answers

    Download this helpful question and answer sheet to help educate yourself and your guests about ways to keep your environment healthy.

  • Green Kitchen Chemistry

    Download this information sheet and have it ready for party day. This information should be all you need for a successful party!

  • 100 Ways To Live Greener!

    Download this information sheet and share it with your guests. This information is great for everyone to become Greener everyday!

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May 01, 2010