Party favors

  • Welcome

    Welcome your guests to your party with this sign.

  • Walgreens Logo

    Get creative with this and use it to add flavor to your party.

  • Nice Recipes

    Pass out these handy recipe cards so your guests can write down their favorite recipes and Nice!™ products they tried at the party.

  • Arts & Crafts

    Engage the kids with these inspiring arts and crafts ideas.

  • Nice! Check-out Challenge

    Put your friends’ pricing knowledge to the test with the “Nice!™ Check-Out Challenge,” a fun and exciting pricing game.

  • Sign Up Form

    Now that you’ve experienced a House Party, it’s time to sign up and join the fun!

  • Stress Busters

    Let Nice!™ Brand from Walgreens show you how to take the stress away with relaxation techniques and some soothing me-time tips to make every day more manageable.

  • Movie Night With Nice! & RedBox

    Enjoy a Free one-day DVD rental from Redbox® when you register with House Party.

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Party day
January 21, 2012