FAQ for Houseparty

What is Houseparty?

Houseparty is a social networking app that allows up to eight people to video chat at once in a “room.” Users can have infinite rooms and easily float between rooms. Users receive a notification when friends open the app and can join chats with friends (and friends of friends).

What about the hacking rumors about Houseparty, is my data safe?

Houseparty is secure. There have been no data breaches and no exposure of customer data or third-party accounts.You can read our full statement on the topic to learn more.

How do I add friends in Houseparty?

The plus icon in the top right corner allows you to find your contacts, and group multiple people together into a ‘Houseparty’ for group calls. Or, you can tap the smiley face in the top left and click on Add Friends.

Screenshots of Bring Friends and Friend Request in Houseparty

How do I play games with friends in Houseparty?

Click on the dice icon on the top right to play the games available on Houseparty Heads Up!, Trivia, Quick Draw, and Chips and Guac!

Tap a game and you’ll then be asked to add friends to play with you. Wait for them to connect, then it’s game on!

How do I invite friends to Houseparty?

Tap the plus button in the top right to Invite New Friends or tap on the smiley in the top left and tap Add Friends. If you want to add friends from your Address Book, you can tap Add from Contacts. We’ll double check that you want to upload your Contacts to find your friends. You can also connect to Facebook to add your Facebook friends if you want to. If you want to add friends from Snapchat, you can tap Add from Snapchat to share your Profile Link to your Snap Story.

How do I manage my Houseparty notifications?

Tap on the smiley, hit manage notifications, and then you can toggle off or on both ‘in the house’ and specific friend notifications.

How do I sneak into Houseparty without my contacts knowing?

On iOS and Android, hold down the app icon to ‘Sneak into the House’.This allows users to open and use Houseparty without alerting their contacts. Additionally if you’re on mobile you can update your preferences to say “never send notification when I open houseparty” if you wish!

How do I report someone for bullying in Houseparty?

To report this person, tap their name, then tap the “Friends” button and choose “Report” for “Report or Block”.

You can also remove them as a friend by tapping the “Unfriend” button. Remember you can always lock your party to keep out unwanted guests, until you or someone else in the room unlocks it!

If you have any questions on our Privacy Policy or the Houseparty Guidelines visit the links included to learn more!

Please contact us at data-requests@support.houseparty.com if you have any questions about our Privacy Policy.