Leaders for Leave

Inclusive paid leave is critical for companies that value families, care about their employees, and pride themselves on employee retention and staff development, and strive to create a positive work culture. Below are proposed guidelines for getting your paid leave policy off the ground. For more detail and additional questions, visit the Paid Leave US (PL+US) resource page.

A strong paid family leave policy will:

Suggested Policies

A strong policy includes paid leave for all new parents, and for circumstances requiring leave for critical life moments.

Silver Standard

Gold Standard

Sample Policy

All team members at The Company are eligible for Paid Parental Leave, for up to [number of weeks] in the twelve-month period following the birth of a child, adoption of a child, or placement of a foster child in their home.

Employees are always welcome and encouraged to talk with their managers about a return-to-work schedule with reduced or flexible work hours to accommodate family needs.

Employee Notification

We ask that team members notify their manager and/or the CEO as soon as practicable about their intention to take parental leave.

Remuneration Source for Parental Leave

For employees in states with Paid Family Leave schemes, your salary will be in part provided by State Disability Insurance (or equivalent system), and the remaining ‘top up’, up to 100% of your regular salary, will be paid by [Company Name]. At the conclusion of your SDI entitlements, [Company Name] will continue to pay you your full salary.

Family and Medical Leave will be granted for the following reasons

An employee may be eligible for the following combined total of family and medical leave for the reasons listed above, within a 12 month period:

You may be eligible to take family and medical leave on an intermittent basis, or to work a reduced schedule. You will be required to discuss and negotiate with your Manager and/or the CEO any proposed leave so as not to unduly disrupt the company’s operations.

Serious Health Condition

As defined under the Family and Medical Leave Act, [Company Name] has adopted ‘serious health condition’ to mean an illness, injury, impairment, or physical or mental condition that involves: